MCP-based Collimators

Polycapillary structures (collimators) are regular hexagons made of special optical glass.

They can be used for the detection of large organic molecules (DNA, etc.), in biosensors of various types, for ultradisperse biological molecules and nanoparticles filtration, for thin-film batteries production. Collimator dimensions and other parameters are defined by the customer.

Application devices

Fields of application

Specifications (example)

Parameter, unitNumerical
Collimator outer dimensions by double apothem, mm5±1
Thickness, mm1.5±0.05
Size of a multi-multi (channel insert) by double apothem, mm0,375±0,125
Channel diameter, mmот 0.02 до 0.05
Number of channels, pcs.61±3
Deviation of the channel cylindrical surface from the channel face plane, mm0.002