Single Anode PMTs

Photomultiplier tube (PMT) is a vacuum tube device in which light flux ranging from infrared to ultraviolet spectrum is converted into a flux of electrons with further amplification.

For the detection of very weak light signals the photon counting method is used to acquire maximum information. Discrete dynode PMTs, MCP-PMTs, avalanche diodes, hybrid PMTs are typically used as photon counting detectors. Among these types of detectors MCP-PMTs from VTC Baspik have the advantage of fast response, low dark count rate, increased surface area, low power consumption, and stable operation under the exposure to magnetic fields.

Typical applications

PMT with a built-in voltage divider

voltage divider is mounted on the PMT vacuum unit providing the necessary electrode potentials of the device.

MCP-PMT which are photon counting devices with a built-in voltage divider are available in two versions:

PMTs can be supplied as vacuum units or with a voltage divider built into the same housing as the vacuum unit.

See also Particle Detection Techniques Using MCP-PMT.

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