Polycapillary slides can serve as the basis for designing micro-laboratories on a chip intended for multiparameter studies. Processes of separating, concentrating, mixing of analyzed substances can be carried out in micron-sized channels.

In such reactors, differentiated chemical reactions accompanied by a photon signal are read out by an independent optical fiber and form a dataset relevant for the study of initial analytes.

Potential benefits of a lab-on-a-chip based on polycapillary slides
Fields of application

Glass polycapillary structures can be combined with different types of microfluidic chips to obtain an optimum functional design.

The most promising in terms of demand direction of lab-on-a-chip application are point-of-care (PoC) diagnostic devices which are easy-to-use, cost-effective devices for home use by the operator without any special knowledge. PoCs form part of the emerging standards for personalized medicine and in the future may become one of the most common diagnostic gadgets of mass consumption.