MCPs for Image Intensifier Tubes

The main application of microchannel plates (MCPs) is night vision devices

Each plate consists of millions of ultra-thin conductive glass capillaries, each acting as an independent secondary electron multiplier. Providing two-dimensional electron multiplication capability, MCP is a critical component of image intensifier tubes.

These devices are designed to detect and amplify spatially organized fluxes of charged particles and radiation. Due to their high ion sensitivity, subnanosecond response time, and compact size, MCPs are also widely used in various applications such as time-of-flight mass spectrometry.

MCP properties determine parameters of night vision device to a great extent.


Decryption of the name

1) Rimmed MCP — rimmed microchannel plate
2) 18 — active area diameter, mm
3) 10 — channel diameter, mm
4) A — with increased bias angle

Schematic diagram

General Specification

24.8 mm microchannel plates
Parameter, unitMicrochannel plate type
Rimmed MCP 18-3Rimmed MCP 18-4Rimmed MCP 18-5Rimmed MCP 18-6Rimmed MCP 18-6 ARimmed MCP 18-8Rimmed MCP 18-8 ARimmed MCP 18-10Rimmed MCP 18-10 A
Nominal values
Outer diameter D, mm24.8524.824.75–24.85
Active area diameter, DA, mm, min18.818.6
Thickness L, mm0.2–0.250.300±0.0150.320±0.0150.41-0.44
Channel bias angle θ, degrees12°12°12°
Structural parameters
Channel diameter, μm3.4–3.64.4–4.95.0–5.55.5–6.57.0–8.09.5–10.5
Channel pitch, μm, max5.05.0––12.9
Electrical ratings
Operating voltage at 103 gain, V, max1000950850850800
MCP resistance ×108 Ohm0.3–1.00.5–2.50.8–1.51–31–2.5
Limiting resolution, lp/mm, min85806045
32.8 mm microchannel plates
Parameter, unit Microchannel plate type
Rimmed MCP 25-3 Rimmed MCP 25-6 Rimmed MCP 25-6 A Rimmed MCP 25-8 Rimmed MCP 25-8 A Rimmed MCP 25-10 Rimmed MCP 25-10 A
Nominal values
Outer diameter D, mm 32.75–32.85
Active area diameter, DA, mm, min 26
Thickness L, mm 0.26 0.285–0.315 0.305–0.335 0.40–0.44
Channel bias angle θ, degrees 5±1 12±1 5±1 12±1 5±1 12±1
Structural parameters
Channel diameter, μm 3.4 5.5–6.5 7.0–8.0 9.8–10.8
Channel pitch, μm, max 4.2 8 9.5 12.9
Electrical ratings
Operating voltage at 103 gain, V, max 850 800
MCP resistance, ×108</sup Ohm 1–3 0.8-3.0 0.7–2.5 0.75–2.5
Limiting resolution, lp/mm, min 70 60 45