Zircon-R soft X-ray Detector

The detector is a glass-to-metal vacuum unit coated with an electrically insulating composition.

The assembly includes a 0.15 mm thick beryllium foil input window, a chevron stack of two MCPs (enabling operation in single photon counting mode), a CsI photocathode applied to the input surface of the first MCP, a yellow-green light emitting screen on a glass disk, and a getter. Vacuum X-ray detector is intended for the detection, amplification and imaging in soft X-ray range. It can be used in X-ray spectrometry and microscopy.


Schematic diagram

Basic technical characteristics

Parameter, unitValue
Photocathode active area diameter, mm18
Gain at MCP voltage 2200 V max106, min
Dark count rate density, sec-1cm-210, max
Minimum energy of the detected X-ray photons, keV1.5*