About Company

Limited Liability Company Vladikavkaz Technology Center BASPIK was founded in 1991 as a technology center which combines scientific, industrial and educational activities.

Currently, the company is the only large-scale manufacturer of MCPs for night vision equipment. Since its foundation, the company has mastered the production of more than 150 optoelectronic components, has entered new markets for civilian applications, and has significantly expanded its sales geography. A significant part of the MCP products have been custom-designed over the past years.

At present, the company regularly supplies products to a number of major Russian and foreign manufacturers of electronic equipment and cooperates with the world leading scientific organizations in the field of nuclear physics and space research.

The company structure includes two manufacturing workshops, including 14 operational areas, occupying more than 5000 sq. m. of clean categorized rooms, equipped with the facilities for parameter control, drawing of light guides, etc.  The company’s scientific and technology laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation to perform physical diagnostics on a nanoscale level, including electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, mass spectrometers, ultrahigh-vacuum units.

Specialized department of Optoelectronics and Photoelectronic Products of the North Caucasus Institute of Mining and Metallurgy is functioning on the basis of VTC Baspik.