Topaz-M Photon Counting MCP-PMT

Topaz-M MCP-PMT with a built-in voltage divider is designed for the detection and amplification of optical signals in the visible light spectrum and provides operation in photon counting mode.

PMT vacuum unit has a bialkali antimony-potassium-sodium photocathode, a chevron stack of two MCPs and a metal anode. Its construction parts form an immersion lens that focuses photoelectrons to the first MCP input. A resistive voltage divider is mounted on the vacuum unit, providing the necessary PMT electrode potentials. The entire device is housed and sealed with a compound. Attached to the output end of the envelope is a 50-Ohm SMA output connector and a high voltage SHV connector for the power supply.


Basic technical characteristics
Parameter, unitValue
Spectral response range, nm300–650
Integral sensitivity, μA/lm35, min
Photocathode active area diameter, mm17
Gain at MCP voltage of 3300 V max106, min
Single electron pulse height resolution, %110, max
Peak-to-valley ratio10, min
Dark count rate density (at 25°C), counts/sec·cm240, max
Response pulse duration (FWHM), ns1.2 max
Anode current pulse rise time, ns0.8 max