Six-Channel Secondary Electron Multiplier

At present the main requirements for the development of advanced channel SEMs are the following: extended dynamic range, increased lifetime and compactness of the detector.

The above requirements are achieved by using a helical design, which consists of six single channels that are twisted around a solid center. This results in effective six-fold increase of output surface area, which provides dynamic range extension and increased lifetime. Moreover, this design enables a compact, sophisticated detector with good heat dissipation and without the need for enclosure.

Expected development time: 2024.

Estimated parameters

Operating voltage, V1200-3000
Gain5 x107 ÷ 1 x108, at 3000 V
Dark current, A< 1 x10-12, at 3000 V
Dark count rate, count/sec< 2, at 3000 V
Resistance15 – 40 MΩ, at room temperature
Channel strip current, μA75÷200, at 3000 V
Average output current, μA<10% of channel strip current
Operating temperature range, °С-50 to +100
Maximum vacuum heating temperature, °C350
Vacuum, mm Hg1×10-5