Open DV5615P Detector with Phosphor Screen

The detector is intended for the detection and visual observation of particulate fluxes and electromagnetic radiation as a part of scientific and industrial equipment.

The detector consists of a chevron stack of two MCPs, a phosphor screen and ceramic-to-metal fittings. Its operating principle relies on the detection and amplification of the primary flux of charged particles with subsequent imaging of the amplified flux on the phosphor screen.

The detector can be vacuum heated at 300°C. The detector can be operated in any position.


Schematic diagram

Basic performance

Parameter Unit Value
MCP active area diameter mm 48
Detector diameter mm 82
MCP qty pcs. 2
Electrical ratings
Gain 1×107
Single electron pulse height resolution, max % 120
Dark count rate density count/sec×cm2 max 3
Pressure when in operation Pa (Torr) 1.3×10-4 (1×10-6)