Open DV5615A Detector

The detector is intended for the detection of particulate and electromagnetic radiation as a part of scientific and industrial equipment.

The detector consists of a chevron stack of two MCPs, anode and ceramic-to-metal fittings.

Its operating principle relies on the detection and amplification of the primary flux of charged particles.

The detector can be vacuum heated at 300°C. The detector can be operated in any position.


Schematic diagram

Basic performance

Parameter Unit Value
MCP active area diameter mm 48
Detector diameter mm 82
MCP qty pcs. 2
Electrical ratings
Gain 1×107
Single electron pulse height resolution, max % 120
Dark count rate density count/sec×cm2 max 3
Pressure when in operation Pa (Torr) 1.3×10-4 (1×10-6)