1. Is the quality of your production tested?

    • The above conditions allow minimizing technological, production faults and losses due to rejects. Besides, Quality service system of VTC BASPIK Ltd. meets all the International Standard ISO 9001-2015 and the State Standard 0015–002–20ХХ requirements.
  2. Is it possible to order a MCP with specified parameters?

    • Yes, it is. The uniqueness of VTC BASPIK Ltd. is that we can manufacture production with individual parameters especially for a concrete device. If you haven’t found the product you need in our web-site, you may dowload and fill in our questionnaire form to let our specialists select or manufacture necessary product having specified parameters for your application.
  3. Have you any MCP failure statistics data from your customers (firms-manufacturers)?

    • As of today, we haven’t received any claim due to poor quality of our products from our customers.