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Quality Management System

One of the basic goals of VTC "BASPIK" in the sphere of quality is manufacturing of qualitative competitive production. This goal can be achieved by production quality inspection at each stage of its manufacturing in all production sectors.

Quality Inspection Service of VTC "BASPIK" successfully introduces advanced control and output production quality improvement methods as well as technological processes’ and all departments’ activities quality improvement methods.

One of the basic Quality Service directions is functioning of Quality Circles. Themes of the Circles include all manufacturing processes, science and technical problems discussing. That leads to minimization of production and technological faults, reduction of reject losses and non-programmed costs, fully exception or reduction of expenses connected with customers’ complaints.

Besides constant and steady output production quality upgrading, a large work is being done on increase of responsibility for final work results of all departments of the organization. All departments of VTC "BASPIK" take part in output production quality improvement and production effectiveness improvement. Introduction of "6 SIGM" method on the enterprise helps to eliminate causes of production faults and defects and to concentrate on output critical parameters necessary for customers.

LLC VTC "BASPIK" successfully settles the following tasks in the sphere of quality improvement:

  • Upgrading of MCP Quality Management System ideology as well as leadership and managers responsibility;
  • Development of process approach;
  • Introduction of statistical technologies into MCP Quality Management System;
  • MCP QMS management automation;
  • Development of basic functions of MCP QMS;
  • Customer-provider cooperation development;
  • Inspection system development;
  • Development of technology and engineering planning processes;
  • Production maintenance improvement and Total Productive Maintenance system development;
  • Increase of mismatch correcting and preventive activities effectiveness;
  • Personnel training in the sphere of quality.

LLC VTC "BASPIK" co-operates actively with the Russian Quality Organization and every year takes part in international quality congresses.


In July 2009 at the premises of VTC "BASPIK" an audit of effective functioning and improvement of QMS had been carried out by representatives of QMS certification body "Tsentroboronsert". As a result of the inspection perfect coincidence between "BASPIK" QMS, State Standard ISO 9001-2008 and State Military Standard 15.002-2003 requirements was established. The enterprise was awarded with the Conformance Certificate.

Grand Prix Europeen de la QualiteBounty of Russian Federation in the sphere of Quality. 2007The Gold Quality Label of the XXIst century The Certificate of Conformity "TsentrOboronSert"