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ISTC "Microtechnologies and Nano-Technologies in Electronics 2009"

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Microtechnologies and Nano-Technologies in Electronics" took place in the period between the 21st and the 27th of September, 2009, on the base of Elbrus Scientific-Educational Complex of Kabardino-Balkarian State University, Elbrus settlement, Prielbrusie, Russia. The organizers of the Conference were:

75 participants from 32 organizations took part in the conference. The participants represented 192 authors from 11 Belorussian, German, Russian, Uzbek cities. The conference drew attention of many specialists in various fields of sciences, such as:

  • vacuum techniques;
  • vacuum electronics;
  • microelectronics and nanoelectronics;
  • nanotechnologies;
  • optics;
  • production organization;
  • physics;
  • photoelectronics;
  • chemistry;
  • economics;
  • electron optics;
  • emitting electronics;


  • higher education institutions;
  • designers organizations;
  • scientific-research institutes;
  • machinery of government;
  • plant facilities.

34 oral and 26 poster reports were presented on the conference. Subject area of the conference included:

  1. Structural and phase transformations on surface and volume of electronics materials;
  2. Physical and chemical properties of materials in up to date microelectronics and nanoelectronics;
  3. Up to date photo-emission and secondary-emission materials and technologies of their production;
  4. Up to date microelectronics and nanoelectronics devices production.

The presented reports embraced fundamental research of materials structure and properties, as well as nanomaterials and nanosystems and their practical fields of application.Special attention was spared to development of MCP manufacturing technology processes. Basic branches of scientific research for development of MCP detectors were defined. Problem of microtechnologies and nanotechnologies applications for development and perfection of new generation devices registrating charged particles distributed in space, as well as their manufacturing application were considered. Attraction of research teams of higher educational institutions to physical, chemical, electrophysical, emissive, optical and other properties of materials used in vacuum and emissive electronic devices manufacturing is to be particularly noted. The reports prepared for the conference showed that science-technical reserve of the considered directions permits to develop and to use high-tech production manufacturing technologies.

The participants of the conference decided:

  1. To draw attention of scientific communities and machinery of government to:

    • necessity of research and development stimulation, oriented to production of Image Intensifier Tubes of new generations;
    • necessity of creation of favorable conditions for students, postgraduate students and young specialists attraction for perspective materials investigation and new vacuum electronics technologies development;
    • expediency of development of existing methodologies of phase studies and their adaptation to specific tasks of nanodiagnostics of materials and products of vacuum electronics;
    • necessity to strengthen ties between scientific organizations of different countries.
  2. To hold the next International Scientific and Technical Conference "Microtechnologies and Nanotechnology in Electronics" in August, 2010 in Prielbrusie (Russia).

The conference participants thank the governing body of Vladikavkaz Technological Center "BASPIK", personally Soslan Kubadievich Kulov - professor, Doctor of Engineering, general director of VTC "BASPIK" for initiative and financial support, Kabardino-Balkarian State University for organization and holding of the conference, and all other sponsors which gave support to the conference holding.