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Spherical microchannel plates

Spherical microchannel plates (S MCPs) are highly suitable for vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy and soft X-ray focusing. In order to optimize detection efficiency the focal surface can be individually designed.


  • Biology
  • Medicine – as part of portable X-ray tube as well as diagnostic equipment for early detection of cancer
  • Mining operations
  • Analysis of critical large-scale structures and structures without disturbance of their relationships (bridges, pipelines, transportation, building structures, lifting mechanisms, lifting-transport mechanisms, subway etc.)
  • Powder products research

Application devices:

  • spectroscope
  • X-ray diffractometers
  • XFS
  • etc
Technical Specification (example):

Parameter, unit


Outside dimensions, mm32,75 ± 32,85
Thickness, mm1,255 ±0,15
Active area dimensions, mmnot less than 16
Channel diameter, μm9,8 – 10,8
Center-to-center spacing, μm12,2-12,9
Bias Angle, degree0-1