Microchannel Plate with Solid Border MCP 18-5

Microchannel Plate is intended for operation in vacuum inside Image Intensifier Tubes as a multi-channel secondary-electron multiplier of electron images.

Alternative specification may be made on customer’s order.

Size-shape factors




Outside Diametermm24.8
Active Area Diametermmnot less than 18.6
Plate Thicknessmm0.3
Pore Sizeum5
Channel Pitchummax. 7
Channel Biasdegrees6
Electrical and Image Characteristics




Electron Gain at 850 V-1000
Resistance×108 Ohms0.5 - 2.5
Minimum Limiting Resolutionlp/mm90
Maximum Dark Current Density×10-14 A/cm21
Noise factor, typical value-1.6
Open Area Ratio%not less than 59

MTTF (mean time to failure) – not less than 15000 hrs.

Absolute maximum ratings



Limiting Value

Operating VoltageV1000
Field StrengthV/mm14000
Input Current Density×10-8 A/cm21
Output Current Density×10-7 A/cm24

Vacuum Bakeout Limiting Temperature: 480° С during not more than 4 hrs. at 5×10-6Torr.


Shelf-life: the MCP shall be stored in container provided by the manufacturer during 6 months, in vacuum (1.33×10-3Pa) during 1 year or 15 years as a part of an image intensifier tube. The shelf-life is to be calculated from the acceptance date of manufacturer’s quality inspection, and in a case of reacceptance from the reacceptance date.