Photon counting MCP-PMT Topaz

PMT Topaz comprises a bialkali potassium-sodium-antimony photocathode, electrostatic electron focusing at the input, a chevron stack of two microchannel plates and a metal anode. PMT Topaz provides for operation in photon counting mode. PMT Topaz is intended for amplification of low visible signals and converting them to electric ones in general application electron devices and high sensitivity instruments in spectrometry. While PMT is heat-resistant at temperatures to 150°C, it can be utilized in devices operating in high climate-relevant impact conditions.

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Basic performance



Spectral response range, nm:300 - 650
Integral sensitivity, μA/lm40, min
Spectral response at λ = 420 nm, mA/W40, min
Photocathode active area diameter, mm14
Single-electron amplitude resolution, %100, max
Gain at MCP voltage 2400 V max106, max
Dark pulses counting rate density, sec-1cm-250, max
Response duration (FWHM), nsec1,2 max
Anode current pulse rise time, nsec0,8 max
Weight, g50, max