Photon counting photomultiplier tube (PMT) Sapphire-2A based on MCP

A photon counting photomultiplier tube (PMT) Sapphire-2A based on MCP for operation in the UV in the spectral range 115-360 nm. In terms of construction MCP-PMT Sapphire-2A is a glass-to-metal vacuum unit with a cesium-telluride photocathode deposited on a magnesium fluoride substrate, a shevron stack of two microchannel plates and a metal anode. Electrons from the photocathode are focused on the MCP input by electrostatic lens field.

PMT's view
Dimensional outlines
Sapphire-2A PMT spectral sensitivity
Main technical data




Spectral response rangenm115 - 360
Spectral response at λ=250 nmmА/W20 min.
Photocathode active area diametermm15
Single-electron amplitude resolution%100 max.
Peak-to-Valley ratio-10 min.
Gain at MCP voltage 2400 V max-106 max.
Dark pulses counting rate densitysec-1cm-25 max.
Response duration (FWHM) nsec1.1 max.
Anode current pulse rise timensec0.8 max.
Weightg50 max.
Single electron pulse height distribution
Sapphire-2A PMT counting characteristic