Image Intensifier Tube Quarzit for UV-imaging

Quarzit is a proximity focused microchannel plate image intensifier (IIT) with a built-in high-voltage power supply having a circuit for protecting photocathode against high exposure rate, and automatic screen brightness control. Quarzit comprises a cesium-telluride photocathode on a magnesium fluoride substrate and a yellow-green screen on a glass disk. The IIT is intended for UV imaging (for operation in the wavelength range 115-360 nm).

Dimensional outlines
Scale the image
Basic Parameters
Parameter, unitNormal range
MinNominal valueMax
1.Photocathode spectral response range, nm115360
2. Photocathode spectral response at λ = 250 nm, mA/W20
3.Photocathode active area diameter, mm18
4. Limiting resolution in the center of the photocathode, l.p./mm40
5. Spectral gain at λ=254 nm (photocathode illuminated by input flux of 10-5 W/m2), W/W2,5·103
6. Background brightness, cd/m23·10-5
7. Screen brightness in automatic brightness control mode, cd/m2712
8. Supply voltage range, V2,02,83,6
9. Supply current, mA20
10. Weight, g59