Vacuum-processed UV radiation detector

Vacuum-processed detector on MCP basis having input window made of magnesium fluoride, yellow-green phosphor screen and FOP/ glass output plate. Detector may include chevron or Z-stack, (assemblies made of 2 or 3 MCPs), that make possible detector operation in photon counting mode. The detector is intended for UV imaging.

Detector's view
Dimensional outlines
Main technical data




Photocathode active area diametermm18
Range of spectral sensitivitynm120 - 250
Amplitude resolution (2 MCP)%90 max.
Amplitude resolution (3 MCP)%130 max.
MCP gain (2 MCP, chevron)-106 min.
MCP gain (3 MCP, Z-stack)-108 min.
Dark Pulses Count Rate Density (2 MCPs)pulse/s-1×cm-25 max.
Weightg30 max.