UV Image intensifier tube "Sapphire"

IIT "Sapphire" has an electro-optical system with image reversal, input window made of magnesium fluoride, MCP, yellow-green phosphor screen, FOP/ glass output and CsTe photocathode. IIT is intended for UV radiation imaging and intensification.

ITT's view
Dimensional outlines
Main technical data




Photocathode active area diametermm15
Spectral sensitivity rangenm120 - 360
Spectral sensitivity at λ = 250 nmmА/W20 min.
Resolution limit in the centerlp/mm30 min.
Spectral gain factor at λ=265 nmlm/W106 min.
Screen background brightnesscd/m21×10-5 max.
Central electro-optical magnification-1 ± 0.05
Weightgramm50 max.