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MCP and FOP based devices

Key parameters of a Night Vision Device are:

  • range of action
  • visual imperceptibility
  • external immunity
  • overall dimensions
  • reliability

There are many different methods of NVD range of action estimation. The most effective of them is the method of field on-line testing under night illuminance conditions. But it is not always realizable, because of organizational, financial and weather difficulties. Optimal conditions of NVD range of action estimation are: mini-polygon witch can be made on the basis of a premise with a sufficient length witch can be fully shaded and a rated illuminance in plane of observable objects can be simulated.

Such a mini-polygon,12 meter in length, which can be fully shaded, made especially for NVD testings, is available in VTC "BASPIK". On this mini-­polygon made of banner Russian and American test charts of different contrasts 20% - 100% for resolution estimation (SOI and USAF-1951 target) and 3 objects (a soldier’s figure, a jeep and a tank) with equivalent targets which allow estimate NVD range of action according to generally accepted Johnson criterions are printed.

The main advantage of the above mentioned method is the possibility to simulate observation conditions with high precision. It allows comparing more precisely NVDs characteristics with each other.