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Microchannel plate (MCP) Detectors

Active Area diameter (dimensions)(mm) 1843x632550 56
Channel diameter(um) 8 12 6 8 10 12 12

LLC VTC "BASPIK" detectors are made of high quality MCPs of different configurations, sizes and technical parameters.

You can place an individual order for a detector which matches your device application and specifications.

VTC "BASPIK" detectors are fabricated with a gap clearance between MCPs (with separated power supply). This unique feature helps to get amplification gain factor above 1×107 (in chevron fabrication) and above 1×109 (в Z-fabrication) as against to analog fabrication without a gap clearance and with amplification gain factor of ×106 and 1×108

We produce MCP detectors with:

  • metallic anode
  • phosphor screen
  • control electrode

Their application range covers the following sciences:

  • astrophysics and Space Research
  • experimental and Nuclear Physics
  • electron and Ion Microscopy
  • spectrometry
  • medical practice

MCP detectors are applied for

Space research:

  • satellite earth surface global monitoring in real-time on geostationary and high ellipsoid orbits
  • space debris search
  • solar wind particles registration
  • х-ray and UV radiations registration
  • rare events registration
  • solar and galactic particles isotopic composition identification inside telescopic systems
  • optical astronomy

Physical research and equipment:

  • ultraviolet spectrometers
  • X-ray telescopes
  • cherenkov counters
  • energy analyzers
  • radiation detection at high magnetic fields
  • intermolecular potential investigation experiments
  • mass spectrometry for ions registration
  • isotopic analysis
  • spectroscopy
  • surfaces exploration
  • atomic collision physics experiments
  • ions and neutral particles high energy differential scattering investigation
  • nuclear physical investigation