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Polycapillary structures (collimators) are regular hexagons produced from special optic glass. Collimators can be used for registration of large organic molecules, in biosensors and as filters of biological molecules and nanoparticles. Collimator parameters are individually defined by the customer according to the sphere of application.

Application devices:

radiographic imaging devices, monitoring and diagnostic products, water and gas filters.

Technical Specification (example):

Parameter, unit


External size at double apofema, mm5 ± 1
Thickness, mm1,5 ±0,05
Size of insert with channels at double apofema, mm0,375 ± 0,125
Channel diameter, mmот 0,02 до 0,05
Number of channels, qty61±3
Deviation of the cylindrical surface of the channels from the channels face flatness, mm0,002