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In the view of the global COVID-19 scientific struggle


In consideration of COVID-19 world-wide spread and declared pandemic threat, Technological center “BASPIK” announces its readiness to take part in urgent R&D projects aimed to facilitate progress in the situation. All participation efforts from our side will be free of charge.

As far as we have discovered, microchannel plates can be used for:
1. Medical diagnostic systems – microfluidic and microwell slides (wafers) as a part of microchips.
2. Filters for artificial lung ventilation.
3. Mechanic and chemical sorting and analysis of biological agents (including viruses) in microfluidic and other analytical systems.

VTC “BASPIK” microchannel plates :

Microchannel plates structure (pores diameter from 2-50 micron):

Please address your proposals here:

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