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  • 14.09.2017

    The start of filmless MCP production

    VTC Baspik proceeded to produce low batches of a conceptually new generation microchannel plates (MCP) - filmless MCPs.


  • 01.06.2017

    Detector with MCP 25-6 flange mounting

    VTC Baspik proceeded to produce detectors on a vacuum flange. The detector can be custom made according to the customers’ performance requirements so as to conform the instrument of application. More...

  • 02.04.2017

    Photon counting MCP-PMT Topaz

    PMT Topaz comprises a bialkali potassium-sodium-antimony photocathode, electrostatic electron focusing at the input, a chevron stack of two microchannel plates and a metal anode. PMT Topaz provides for operation in photon counting mode. PMT Topaz is intended for amplification of low visible signals and converting them to electric ones in general application electron devices and high sensitivity instruments in spectrometry. While PMT is heat-resistant at temperatures to 150°C, it can be utilized in devices operating in high climate-relevant impact conditions. More...

  • 10.02.2017

    Image Intensifier Tube Quarzit

    Quarzit is a proximity focused microchannel plate image intensifier (IIT) with a built-in high-voltage power supply having a circuit for protecting photocathode against high exposure rate, and automatic screen brightness control. Quarzit comprises a cesium-telluride photocathode on a magnesium fluoride substrate and a yellow-green screen on a glass disk. The IIT is intended for UV imaging (for operation in the wavelength range 115-360 nm). More...

  • 30.12.2016

    LLC VTC "Baspik" made its contribution to the historic space mission

    One of the most extraordinary and expensive NASA mission is going to get started. It is the launch of an automatic space vehicle that will get extremely close to Sun surface. Solar Probe Plus will repeatedly sample the near-Sun environment, revolutionizing our knowledge and understanding of coronal heating and of the origin and evolution of the solar wind and answering critical questions in heliophysics that have been ranked as top priorities for decades. LLC VTC "Baspik" manufactured large diameter sector MCPs for Solar Probe Plus detectors thus making its contribution to this historic mission.

  • 21.09.2015

    MCP and X-ray channeling

    Microchannel plates produced by BASPIK were used in the experimental work on X-ray channeling. Learn more.

  • 14.08.2015

    VTC Baspik manufactured MCPs for the Large Hadron Collider

    VTС BASPIK provides Microchannel plates for Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory, Yerevan, Armenia. The plates are using in the Picosecond Photon Detectors for the LHC-AFP (The Large Hadron Collider). Learn more.

  • 16.07.2015

    VTC Baspik manufactured MCPs for Nuclotron-based Ion Collider facility

    The advanced diagnostic system for the Nuclotron circulating beams based on microchannel plates (manufacturer LLC VTC Baspik) was presented by Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) in the framework of the NICA project and experiments with extracted beams. Learn more.

  • 20.01.2014

    Application of microchannel technologies of LLC VTC "Baspik" in the development of analytical devices for molecular biological diagnostics.

    Today the assessment of perspectives for the development of up-to-date medical equipment used in molecular-biological analyzing and based on optoelectronic and microchannel technologies of LLC VTC "Baspik" is made. More...

  • 30.11.2013

    "Baspik" MCPs for NASA “Solar Probe Plus” project.

    LLC VTC "Baspik" manufactures different size and configuration MCPs on individual order. Thus, company manufactured large diameter sector MCPs. The field of application of such MCPs is wide and includes space explorations. In particular, the sector MCPs were used in the production of particle detectors included in the equipment designed for the "Solar Probe Plus" project. Learn more:

  • 31.10.2013

    New Microchannel Plates for positron-emission tomography

    LLC VTC "Baspik" started production of microchannel plates with 0.6 - 1 mm thickness (MCP 25-10 Fat). MCPs are applied within gamma-ray detectors and positron emission tomography equipment used in studying of human or animal internal organs. Method is based on registration of annihilation gamma-ray quantum pair. More

  • 12.03.2013

    Engineer of the 2012

    We are proud to announce that our specialists Julius L. Pergamentsev and David G. Samkanashvili have been awarded with honorary the title "Professional Engineer of Russia" according with the results of the second round of All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year - 2012" held by Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations. They received certificates and honorary signs "Engineering Glory of Russia" in the Hall of the building "Engineering of Glory", Moscow.  Read more

  • 26.09.2012

    The XI International Investment forum of "Sochi-2012"

    LLC VTC “BASPIK” took part in the XI International Investment forum of "Sochi-2012".  Read more

  • 08.08.2012

    Z-stack MCP-detectors production

    LLC VTC "Baspik" has started to produce Z-stack MCP-detectors. The singularity of Z-stack MCP produced by “Baspik” is that it has spaces between microchannel plates (having separate supplies) and it makes it possible to obtain the gain of 1×109 in contrast to other similar assemblies which do not have spacеs between the plates and have the gain of 1×108. Read more

  • 04.07.2012

    56th EOQ Congress in Frankfurt, Germany 2012

    The 56th European Organization for Quality (EOQ) Congress, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, completed. The motto of this Congress was "Made for Quality - Made for success". There were made about 120 reports on various aspects of modern Quality.
    Our representative Tatyana Alkatseva, Chief of Quality, took part in this Congress. Read more

  • 14.06.2012

    The experimental development work on the design and installation of a receiver of spatially organized ultraweak signals

    As a part of the Federal Targeted Programme “Development of the electronic component base and radioelectronics” Baspik Ltd has proceeded to the accomplishment of the experimental development work on the design and installation of a receiver of spatially organized ultraweak signals based on the microchannel technology. Time limit for performance is 2012-2014.  Read more

  • 28.03.2012

    The modernization of technological processes of SEM-6M

    As a result of the modernization of technological processes the following improved parameters of SEM-6M have been achieved:
    Gain at ≤ 3300V: >1.3x108;
    Dark pulses: < 0.5 count/sec Read more

  • 28.02.2012

    LLC VTC “BASPIK” in International Symposium on optronics in defence and security

    LLC VTC "Baspik" took part in international symposium on optronics in defence and security.
    The 5th edition of the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON OPTRONICS IN DEFENCE AND SECURITY organized by the "Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France" (3AF) with the support of OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) took place in Paris on February, 8-10.Read more

  • 30.10.2011

    LLC VTC "Baspik" in Interregional industrial-building forum “Hospitable Ossetia”

    On October 27th-29th 2011 LLC VTC "Baspik" took part for the second time in the Interregional building-industrial forum "Hospitable Ossetia" Read more

  • 23.03.2011

    Structural features of secondary-electron multiplier SEM-6M

    Epoxy glue was excluded from manufacturing process of SEM-6M, intended for application in time-of-flight mass-spectrometry. Construction of the secondary-electron multiplier is entirely mechanical. Dark pulses are reduced. It is possible to use SEM-6М under 300ºС. Read more