Limited Liability Company Vladikavkaz Technological Center "BASPIK" is scientific, technological, industrial and innovative complex, specializing in microchannel and fiber-optic technologies. LLC VTC "BASPIK" produces: microchannel plates for night vision devices, microchannel plates for scien­tific devices, coordinate-sensitive detectors, secondary-emission multipliers and another electronic industry production.

Production of LLC VTC "BASPIK"

The staff of LLC VTC "BASPIK" is more than 300 people. Among them: leading scientists and engineers in Russia specializing in development and production of microchannel plates and highly qualified workers.

LLC VTC "BASPIK" was created as a technological center combining science, production and education on the basis of mutual interests. At the be­gin­ning of the 1990s a group of scientists and specialists with S. Kulov at the head organized the Limited Liability Company BASPIK on the basis of North-Caucasian State University of Mining and Metallurgy. They undertook a daring task to recreate and develop a new line of MCPs on a new basis relying only on the intellectual resources and competency and very scanty finances. We have achieved a seemingly impossible thing – we have created an advanced electronic enterprise of new high-quality information and unique in competence, business activity and unity of the staff of scientists, engineers and all the other workers.

Scientific and technological laboratories of the enterprise are equipped with the most up-to-date technique: electron mic­ro­scopes, atomic-force microscopes, mass spectrometers, ultra-high vacuum units, MCP parameters control units, fiber drawing units etc., providing possibility to held physical diagnostics at nano-level. Total area of the clean production rooms is 2000 square meters.

Today VTC "BASPIK" is the exclusive leader in the field of scientific research, development and manufacturing of microchannel plates in Russia and one of the recognized world leaders in this field. Production of VTC "BASPIK" is known all over the world; the enterprise conquers new market seg­ments one after the other.

A leading school in the sphere of microchannel plates is founded on the basis of VTC "BASPIK".

Product quality certification

Top management of the enterprise practices active policy oriented to creation, adaptation and development of Quality Management Control, which helps the staff of the company to reach the set goals. "BASPIK's" Quality Management System is certificated in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001-2015 and Russian State Standard 0015–002–20ХХ.

Grand Prix Europeen de la QualiteBounty of Russian Federation in the sphere of Quality. 2007The Gold Quality Label of the XXIst century The Certificate of Conformity "TsentrOboronSert"