Limited Liability Company Vladikavkaz Technological Center "BASPIK" is the scientific, technological, industrial and innovative center, specializing in microchannel and fiber-optic technologies.

LLC VTC "BASPIK" produces:

  • microchannel plates for night vision devices
  • microchannel plates for scien¬tific devices
  • coordinate-sensitive detectors
  • image intensifier tubes
  • photomultiplier tubes
  • secondary-emission multipliers
  • microcapillary arrays
  • microwell arrays
  • other electronic industry production

VTC "BASPIK" is the exclusive leader in the field of scientific research, development and manufacturing of microchannel plates in Russia and one of the recognized world leaders in this field. A leading school in the sphere of microchannel plates is founded on the basis of VTC "BASPIK".

Quality Management System of the company is certificated in accordance with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001-2015 and Russian State Standard 0015–002–20ХХ. Read more...