SEM-6M-1 Secondary Electron Multiplier

In 2022 as a result of design and engineering upgrade a version of SEM-6M-1 was developed which features an extended dynamic range. Owing to its performance characteristics the product can be used for measurements both in analog and counting modes.
The device is designed for the detection of charged and neutral particles, ultraviolet and soft X-rays.



Basic performance

Parameter Normal value
Gain at supply voltage of Usupply ≤3000 V 1·108, min
Dark count rate , count/s 1 max 1. не более
Channel strip current at Usupply =3000 V, μA 70, min 70. не менее
Average output current, μA 10% of channel strip current, min
Pulse height resolution at count rate of 1·103 to 5·103 count/s and Usupply corresponding to gain of 1·108 min 0.8, max