Defense Industry

Microchannel plates are most widely used in image intensifier tubes, which are a key component of night vision devices. The MCP parameters are most important in determining the characteristics of the final device.

The development of fine-structured MCPs provided a significant increase in the limiting resolution, which, in turn, led to an increase in the visible range of night vision devices. Low dark current value and high signal-to-noise ratio allow the identification of objects in ultra-low illumination conditions.

High mechanical strength and dimensional stability allow the MCPs to be mounted in the IIT with minimal gaps in the photocathode and screen assemblies. According to the tests performed the minimum operating time of IIT with VTC BASPIK MCP reaches 10,000 hours.

 The high microstructure geometric homogeneity is confirmed by the small variation in channel diameters (less than 1%).

Overall, the parameters of the available MCPs make it possible to achieve the values of advanced foreign analogs.